Who is the LIFENG TECH?

LIFENG TECH is the world’s leading supplier of precision grinding technology solutions, focusing on the high-precision grinding technology in the manufacturing industry, with the basic requirements of adhering to R&D and innovation, in the surface treatment technology of metals, glass, stone, wood and other materials. Constructed the “From A to Z” solution advantage. Since its inception, LIFENG TECH has always adhered to the corporate vision of changing from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

What changes have we brought to China?

Created in China. LIFENG TECH’s revolutionary product line: GingkoTM Agglomerate Abrasives and HoneysuckleTM Ceramic(SG) Alumina Abrasives, revolutionized innovation, subverting traditional product performance and promising brand value, making LIFENG TECH a leading global technology company in the field of high-end precision abrasive materials. Since then, China no longer needs to import foreign similar products at a high price, and has fully realized the independent localization of this technology field.

Enhance value for customers. LIFENG TECH’s products have completely changed the shortcomings of low cutting efficiency, non-durability and inconsistent grinding lines of traditional grinding products in the industry, resulting in new material products with super-large stock removal, super-durable and consistent grinding lines. At the same time, LIFENG TECH’s products are more suitable for automated and intelligent grinding equipment, enabling customers to produce higher quality products, greatly reducing the instability of manual operations, reducing labor costs, reducing industrial waste, and protecting surroundings.

Promote the sound development of the industry. LIFENG TECH’s brand and service are positioned at the high end, adhere to the road of independent R&D and innovation, provide industry leaders with multi-faceted support at the technical and market levels, and promote the technological transformation and upgrading of the industry with an open, cooperative and win-win attitude. The national brand value of the field promotes the benign and sustainable development of the industry.